Sing Hanson

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Sing Hanson Photographer


I was once a painter, but am mostly a photographer at the moment. My photos sometimes blur the lines between the two media, and also between realism and abstraction. I also make limited edition artist’s handmade books, one of a kind multimedia collages and three-dimensional assemblages.

Concepts of recycling, repurposing, and adaptive reuse have framed my work over the last decade. I record evidences of the passage of time, whether they be the rusted sides of decommissioned trains on unused Sidetracks or Still Alives of desiccated flowers nested in prized bowls.


My father began my life in the arts with joint Saturday classes at RISD and a simple Brownie camera.

He and my mother became my Medicis, supporting studies at Boston University’s School of Fine and Applied Arts, MASS College of Art, Smith College and…most particularly… the School of the DeCordova Museum.

From the get-go I loved the myriad joys of “messing about” with color, size, shapes, textures, and materials.

In 1967 I fell into a job running the Design and Production of Exhibitions at the Boston Children’s Museum. I stayed connected there until 2001. Sabbatical opportunities at the Museum allowed me to accompany husband Carl and daughter Siri on several fellowship years at the University in Trondheim, Norway.

Returning to the Concord area, I soon discovered the Emerson Umbrella and its congenial atmosphere. I’m still here, making stuff, hanging shows, and sharing the good times. You should come on by